In Garfagnana’s valley there are many lakes and little rivers, so we can say that is a paradise for who love fishing.
The most important river in the area is called Serchio and it’s long as the valley until arrive to Lucca’s area and again to the Tirreno sea.
An enormous quantity of little rivers end into Serchio one and in each one lives many fishs, in particular the kind called “trota fario”, that’s the symbol of Garfagnana and really good for dinner.

There are many artificial lakes and also here it’s possible fishing the “trota fario”. Good for this objective are the lakes of Vicaglia, Villa Collemandina, Trombacco, Fabbriche di Vallico and Isola Santa.
Then there are lakes more big as Vagli, Gramolazzo and Pontecosi, ideal for carpfishing.
The lake of Gramolazzo is the nearest to our farm holiday and the better months in order to do carpfishing are May, September and October.

In order to know the rules and for read about the licence, please go to the site of Lucca’s Province