Local products


Tasting room

In our Farm holydays you can find a small hall where you can taste the typical traditional home-made dishes prepared using the products of the farm holidays.

You can taste the well known Cavaliere’s appetizer (Antipasto del Cavaliere) made of hot or fresh fried bread with savoury, ham and a large choice of cakes, wholemeal macaroni, tortelli with spinach and ricotta (a cottage cheese made of skim milk), “farro” soup with mushrooms (farro is the ancient name for corn, which at the Romans time was largerly grown in Garfgnana’s valley), lasagne with pesto (“pesto” is the basil and garlic typical Italian sauce), crepes….. maize polenta with goat, roasted kid, grilled meat (the well known Italian “tagliata”) and many other dishes.

All of this accompanied by a variety of wines and flavoured grappa produced by Roberto or, also, a classic “limoncino” (a liquor made of lemons) or a nocino (a liquor made of hazels) prepared by Giovanna.